Seattle Startup Loftium Is Changing the Home-Buying Process

Loftium is a new Seattle startup that has unique processes in place to help young professionals and first-time homebuyers purchase a new home without a crazy downpayment. Learn more in this article.


Mortgages and Millennials – How the Next Generation Is Approaching Homeownership

The new generation of homebuyers has a different outlook on buying a home and getting a mortgage. Read more about millennials and homebuying in this article.


Is Rent Keeping You from Saving for a Down Payment? The Fed Has a Plan

The Fed has issued a no downpayment mortgage option, making it possible for new homebuyers in cities with high rent markets to afford to purchase a new home.


Lenders Roll Out New Programs for Easier Homeownership

With no-appraisal mortgages now available, now is the best time to consider buying a new home! Learn about this news in this article.


Redfin Files to Go Public: What That Means for Seattle Real Estate

Real Estate company Redfin has filed for their IPO, with a public offering set at $100 million. Learn what that means for Redfin and Seattle real estate as a whole in this blog post.


Chinese Home Buyers Flock to Seattle After Vancouver Enacts 15% Tax

A lot of different factors can affect local real estate markets. Sometimes, as in the case of Seattle right now, decisions by another municipality can impact the demand for housing and investment properties. For many years, Chinese home buyers looking to profit on the North American real estate markets have been investing in homes in a number of cities. Vancouver

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Seattle is the Hottest Housing Market in the U.S. – What That Means for Homebuyers

One would have to live under a rock to not know that housing prices have been skyrocketing in certain cities across the nation over recent years. San Francisco and New York markets have seen mortgages and rents rising to unaffordable heights for many long term residents. However, other formerly hot cities have seen a slowing trend toward the end of

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Seattle’s Apartment Boom Will Explode in 2017: What That Means for Rents

For the last 50 years, the number of apartments added to the metropolitan area of Seattle, annually has been relatively constant and unremarkable. However, as most who live in Seattle today can tell you, since Amazon moved in, so has everyone else. In 2017 alone, the plan is to add 10,000 more apartments, double the amount in 2016, and 2018

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What to Expect in Seattle Real Estate in 2017

Seattle has been experiencing a stronger than average real estate market, when compared with other cities in the United States. With the Federal Reserve recently increasing the prime rate, there’s a risk of a national cool down of the real estate market. Thankfully, due to an overall population increase in the Seattle area and the rise of Seattle technology companies,

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Fall 2016 Seattle Real Estate Market Roundup from a Local Mortgage Broker

Home prices the real estate markets in many populous cities in the western United States have been at an all-time high for several years now. Seattle was the U.S.’s fastest-climbing housing market in August of this year, according to Redfin. And it’s still rising. In September, median home prices in and around Seattle rose 10.3 percent to $630,000, from last

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