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Seattle’s Current Housing Market

The Seattle housing market as well as housing markets around the globe were undoubtedly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak over the last year. The virus has not only changed the way people make large purchases such as cars and property, but has also altered the way people learn, work, eat, travel, and gather.  While the…

Essential Legal Considerations for Homeowners

Purchasing a home is not only a huge life change, but it’s very likely going to be the largest transaction you ever make. From the start of your house hunt to your first night in your new home, knowing the legal implications and requirements for homeownership is crucial. If you’re just starting your home-owning journey,…

How Does Mortgage Forbearance Work?

Mortgage forbearance is the process of suspending your loan payments temporarily in the case of financial hardship. In most cases, this won’t cause any additional fees, penalties, or interest beyond the normal scheduled interest amounts, and requires no extra paperwork.  After discussing the forbearance guidelines with your mortgage company, your period of suspended payments begins…

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