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Tips for Budgeting on How Much Home You Can Afford

Owning a home can be a blessing, but if you don’t budget properly, you’ll quickly find yourself grasping at straws to financially stay afloat. To prevent this from happening, keep the following tips in mind when checking out the market and budgeting for your new home. Create a Monthly Budget You can’t stick to a…

Facts About Buying a Home with Bitcoin

One popular misconception about Bitcoin, the original digital cryptocurrency, is that you can’t use it for normal, real-world purchases. Many people mistakenly assume that you can only use Bitcoin to make purchases on the dark web.  In reality, Bitcoin is now traded on many popular investing forums, and is even accepted at certain stores, restaurants,…

Can I Afford to Buy a Home in Seattle?

Whether you are a recent Seattle transplant or a lifelong resident finally ready to invest in your dream home, buying a house in Seattle may be a daunting process. The booming tech industry has made our city a destination for many professionals across a number of industries, driving real estate prices up.  If you are…

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