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Seattle’s Current Housing Market

The Seattle housing market as well as housing markets around the globe were undoubtedly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak earlier in 2020. The virus has not only changed the way people make large purchases such as cars and property, but has also altered the way people learn, work, eat, travel, and gather.  However, people continue…

Guide to Real Estate Contingencies

Real estate contingencies are contractual conditions in a lease that impact the sale of a property. These conditions keep in mind that not all transactional information may be available during the initial real estate agreement between buyer and seller.  Contingencies in a real estate contract cover a variety of conditions that must be met in…

Homebuyers: Seal the Deal With a Winning Letter to the Seller

When demand outweighs supply, like it does in Seattle’s current housing market, standing out from the crowd as a homebuyer is important.  You don’t want to have to compete with all-cash buyers who tempt with speedy closing. If you plan to make a smaller down payment, or need financing, you still deserve a shot at…

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