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Tips for Choosing the Right Loan Terms for You

Choosing the best loan terms for your home can be complicated. It is never a “one size fits all” scenario. The best mortgage for you is one that is customized to your needs and your financial situation.  Finding the right loan takes work, including extensive research and monitoring the daily market for rate fluctuations. The…

How Your Divorce Affects Your Mortgage

If you’ve decided to end your marriage, you may be dealing with a lot of stress and emotional hardship. To top it off, if you owned a home with your ex-partner, figuring out how your divorce affects your mortgage can be one more complicated detail to settle in the chaos. One of the most difficult…

In a Hurry? Tips to Close Your Mortgage Quickly

You don’t want to lose out on owning your dream home just because your mortgage didn’t close soon enough. In a hot market where sellers are having no difficulties finding potential buyers, closing quickly can put you ahead of the competition.  If you have to spend a long time waiting for the underwriting process to…

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