The Refinance Process

The refinancing process mirrors the home loan purchase process, but involves slightly fewer steps.


Schedule a Brief Phone Consultation With Us

During this time, we’ll also discuss your current situation and financial needs and goals to determine if refinancing is right for you. Then we’ll ask any questions we have to ensure that we have all the information necessary to find you the right refinance loan.

We’ll prepare you for what to expect and help you gather the documents that you’ll need to submit down the road, such as tax returns, W-2s, and bank statements. Having everything on hand ahead of time will make the application process that much smoother.


Apply for Your Loan Online

Based on discussions from our first call, we’ll explore your refinance loan options to identify the best fit. We’ll assist in completing your refinance application and send it in with the necessary documentation we’ve gathered from you. At this time, you’ll undergo a credit check, and your home may need to be appraised in order to determine its market value. The appraiser will contact you directly to schedule. The appraiser visit usually takes less than 30 minutes.

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Get Underwriter Decision

An underwriter will review your loan application and documentation to ensure that nothing is missing and that all the information is correct. The underwriter will also run the numbers to ensure that you’re meeting eligibility requirements (in your consultations with us, we will cover your eligibility for refinancing thoroughly).

After the underwriter has reviewed your loan, we’ll send you an email detailing the next steps.


Close Your Loan

To close your loan, we’ll help schedule a signing with a mobile notary (at no additional charge) who can meet you at your home, work, or other location during the day or evening at your convenience.

Ready to Refinance?

Schedule a call or send us a message to take the first step.