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5 Priceless Reasons for First-Time Home Buyers to Buy a Home (vs. Renting)

Home ownership is usually the biggest financial transaction that a person can engage in.  Because of this, there is a tendency for first-time home buyers to focus on the numbers and the market. It’s important to keep in mind that there are a lot of incalculable reasons to buy and own your own home.   Here are just a few

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Can I Afford to Buy a Home in Seattle?

Whether you are a recent Seattle transplant or a lifelong resident finally ready to invest in your dream home, buying a house in Seattle may be a daunting process. The booming tech industry has made our city a destination for many professionals across a number of industries, driving real estate prices up. If you are hoping to invest in Seattle

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Tips for Budgeting on How Much Home You Can Afford

Owning a home can be a blessing. If you don’t budget properly, however, first-time home buyers will quickly find themselves grasping at straws to financially stay afloat. To prevent this from happening, keep the following tips in mind when budgeting for your new home. Create a Monthly Budget You can’t stick to a budget if you haven’t drawn one up.

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Important Tips for Millennial Home Buyers

According to Aperion Care, 85 percent of millennials (those who are 21 to 37 years old in 2018) expect to own a home at some point in their lifetime. However, having the intent to buy a home in some vague, distant future is hardly the same as crafting a plan to make home ownership a reality. Here are a few

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Important Steps When Choosing a Mortgage Broker in Seattle

Plenty of mortgage lenders are eager and willing to accept your loan application, but that doesn’t mean they are a good fit for you. Because you will be tied to your mortgage for years, you need to make sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure you will be happy with it in the long run. To properly vet lenders,

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What Makes Your Seattle Mortgage Broker Great?

Finding a Seattle mortgage broker you can trust to put your situation above their own bottom line is both more important and less difficult than you might think. When looking for someone to work with, you need to have the right questions in your arsenal to be able to sift the good from the bad. Treat searching for a broker

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Facts About Buying a Home with Bitcoin

One popular misconception about Bitcoin, the original digital cryptocurrency, is that you can’t use it for any real-world purchases. Many people mistakenly assume that you can only use Bitcoin to make purchases on the dark web. In reality, Bitcoin is now traded on many popular investing forums and is even accepted at certain restaurants and ATMs. Digital currencies, which are

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Seattle Startup Loftium Is Changing the Home-Buying Process

Loftium is a new Seattle startup that has unique processes in place to help young professionals and first-time homebuyers purchase a new home without a crazy downpayment. Learn more in this article.


Why You Should Buy a Home in the Fall or Winter

If you’re considering purchasing a new home, wintertime is actually more optimal than summer for buyers. Learn more about this in this article.


The Best Financing Options for House Flipping

From traditional bank financing, to hard money loans and private lenders, there are a variety of financing options to fund your house flipping opportunity! Learn more here…