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The Eight Best House Hunting Apps

Searching for a home is easier than ever these days thanks to the endless amount of house hunting apps available on your phone or tablet. But where do you start? Luckily we’ve rounded up the best house hunting apps to help you on your journey toward homeownership.

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Zillow is the most downloaded real estate app for both iPhone and Android phones, and has more than 135 million homes in its database. With its helpful real estate comp tools, 3D home tours, and option to add your own home’s details to track its value estimate over time, Zillow is a wealth of information for the curious house-hunter.’s Real Estate Mobile App is officially the consumer-facing company connected to the National Association of Realtors. The search function on its Real Estate Mobile App allows you to include specifics for what you’re looking for, from air conditioning to swimming pools and more. 

The Sign Snap tool allows you to take a picture of any real estate sign you see and get property details right away. The Real Estate Mobile App is very detail-oriented, making it one of the best house hunting apps out there.

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Trulia is owned by Zillow, but rather than placing an emphasis on your home’s information and home ownership, Trulia focuses on a more active home search. Filter your search by specific features like hardwood floors or central air. 

If you’re trying to get a feel for the area, Trulia also polls users in specific neighborhoods for how they feel. See how walkable residents think the area is, how many users say kids like playing outside, how safe residents feel, and more. 


If you’re looking for the best house hunting app for finding the newest property listings, Redfin is it. Redfin is a constantly updating app that refreshes every five minutes. This feature helps make sure you never miss out on a new listing. Homes with a lot of interest are listed as ‘Hot Homes’ to let you know they’ll most likely sell fast. 

You can also take virtual video tours through homes with their Redfin agents before scheduling an in-person tour — all through the app. Redfin allows you to share listings with friends and family, and favorite or hide certain properties in your search.

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One of the most innovative house hunting apps on this list, Homesnap is not only a quality consumer-facing app, but has an agent’s side to help streamline their work with buyers. 

Their signature feature is the ability for users to take a photo of a property and let the app identify the property details from the local MLS or public records. 

Homesnap also has a virtual open house feature that they launched during the start of the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020, allowing users to watch a live broadcast of a property’s open house hosted by a realtor.

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Rocket Homes

Rocket Homes is a great house hunting app that will let you enter and filter by your specific search criteria. This app also offers a neighborhood trend report allowing you to view data such as the length of time homes are typically on the market, the average asking price, how much things actually sell for, and more.

Compass Real Estate

Compass Real Estate is national real estate brokerage Compass’s house hunting app. It makes it easy to get in touch with local Compass agents through their app when you’re interested in a property. With Bluetooth enabled, the app will connect you with properties nearby your location for sale by Compass agents. 

The app also recommends properties to you based on your search history and profile. If a property is listed through a Compass agent, you may get a sneak peak at it while it is still an off-market home.

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Xome provides a lot of quality information about real estate listings, including which homes are sold through auction as well as traditional sale. Their map browsing feature makes it easy to layer things like school zones, neighborhood boundaries, and more. 

Their Xome Zoom feature is another great way to find information on a property. You simply point the camera on your phone toward a home and the property details will pop up. Share your favorite listings on Xome with friends and family over text, email, or social media.

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