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Summer Season Crabbing Spots in Seattle’s Own Backyard

The Seattle area’s reputation as a natural mecca has long been a major selling point for outdoor-loving home buyers. Between the Olympic Mountains in the west and the Cascades in the east lies miles of rocky coastline, and the Pacific’s saltwater inhabitants are cherished by their landfaring counterparts for both their ecological majesty and, let’s face it, their tendency to taste great dipped in butter or simply raw. Yes, we’re talking about Seattle’s best crabbing spots.

Permanent residents and tourists alike flock to nearby beaches, streams and lakes to reel in some of the nation’s freshest catches. Much of Seattle’s flourishing tourism economy can be attributed to the world-famous Pike Place Market — in particular, the Pike Place Fish Market, renowned not only for its daily fish-tossing spectacle, but also for its grade-A spread of seafood for purchase.

Seattle’s Best Crabbing Spots

Among its natural bounty, the Puget Sound plays host to several recreational crabbing fisheries. Now is your chance to get in on the action as summertime Dungeness crab fishing season approaches its peak.

The below list is arranged from south to north. Visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Marine Area Information page for the complete listing including location information, access points and more details.

Important note: Before venturing out, get informed about shellfish safety and sustainability practices, including the WDFW’s various licensing and reporting laws.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, grab a crab pot and check out these twelve spots while they’re open!


1. Ilwaco (Marine Area 1)
Location: Columbia River north to Leadbetter Point at the north end of Long Beach.

Willapa Bay

2. Willapa Bay (Marine Area 2-1)
Location: Willapa Bay east of the line from Cape Shoalwater to Leadbetter Point.

Grays Harbor

3. Grays Harbor (Marine Area 2-2)
Location: Grays Harbor east of the line from the tip of the north jetty to the south jetty.

South Puget Sound

4. South Puget Sound (Marine Area 13)
Location: All waters south of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Westport/Ocean Shores

5. Westport/Ocean Shores (Marine Area 2)
Location: Leadbetter Point at the north end of Long Beach and north to the Queets River.

Tacoma-Vashon Island

6. Tacoma-Vashon Island (Marine Area 11)
Location: South from the north tip of Vashon Island to the Northern Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Hood Canal

7. Hood Canal (Marine Area 12)
Location: All waters south of the Hood Canal Bridge.


8. Seattle/Bremerton (Marine Area 10)
Location: Apple Cove Point to Edwards Point, north of Vashon.


9. Lapush (Marine Area 3)
Location: Pacific Ocean from the Queets River north to Cape Alava.

Admiralty Inlet

10. Admiralty Inlet (Marine Area 9)
Location: South of Partridge Point to Point Wilson, south and west of the line from Possession Point to Shipwreck, north of Hood Canal Bridge and north of Apple Cove Point to Edwards Point Line.

Ports Susan and Gardner

11. Ports Susan and Gardner (Marine Area 8-2)
Location: Within Port Susan and Port Gamble north of the line from Possession Point to Shipwreck.

East Juan de Fuca Strait, Port Angeles Harbor, Discovery Bay

12. East Juan de Fuca Strait, Port Angeles Harbor, Discovery Bay (Marine Area 6)
Location: East from Low Point to Partridge Point and Point Wilson, primarily within the Strait of Juan de Fuca and to the west side of Whidbey Island.

If you’re craving fresh seafood in your own backyard and are ready to plan a move to the Seattle area, contact us today to discuss your mortgage options.

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