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Seattle Neighborhood Spotlight: Georgetown

The Georgetown neighborhood in Seattle is quickly becoming a popular place to live. Georgetown is in the south part of the city, close to Seattle’s bustling downtown, yet its homes and lofts are an affordable price.

Georgetown Boundaries

Two mainline railroads bound the neighborhood on the north, Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway. Interstate 5 is on the east, with Boeing Field on the south. The Duwamish River bounds the west part of the neighborhood.

Georgetown History

There’s a quirky vibe to Georgetown, with many interesting, funky businesses you won’t find anywhere else. Back in the 1850s, when the first pioneers began to settle in Georgetown, taverns quickly became the business of choice. These weren’t allowed within Seattle, so Georgetown was the destination for those looking to unwind and have a drink.

The first railroad to connect Seattle and Tacoma began in this neighborhood in 1875. Back in the 1970s, though, people started moving in. Artists loved the cheap lofts and some of the older brick buildings have become beautiful apartment buildings. Today, you’ll also find many art galleries and recording studios.

Georgetown Taverns to Quench Your Thirst

Awesome old-school taverns line the streets in Georgetown, including Jules Maes Saloon, 9 Lb. Hammer, and the Marco Polo Bar and Grill. While the once popular Rainier brewery is no longer open, many other breweries exist to take its place, including Emerald City Beer and Georgetown Brewery. You can also find several coffeehouses if an alcoholic drink is not to your liking.

Georgetown Sites: A Trailer Park Mall and a School for Circus Acts

If you’re looking for a bite, you must try a sandwich at Two Tartes or a pizza from Stella Pizza. The nightlife scene is abundant, with a fantastic live music venue at the Mix Lounge. On the weekends, the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall opens with vendors selling everything from the most eccentric to the nostalgic. If you have always wanted to learn the flying trapeze, then you must check out the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Acts.

As one admirer stated, this neighborhood has many places you want to visit and never want to leave.

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