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Seattle Neighborhood Spotlight: Bitter Lake

The Bitter Lake neighborhood is becoming a popular place to live. In addition to rows of established lovely homes lining the neighborhood, new condos are springing up and old ones are being renovated. Just north of Greenwood it’s within earshot of downtown Seattle but far enough north to avoid much of the frantic hustle and bustle of the city.

Bitter Lake Boundaries

Nestled in between Broadview and Haller Lake, Bitter Lake is a perfect rectangle. The north border runs along North 145th St. The western border shared with Broadview is Greenwood Ave North. The southern board shared with Greenwood is North 105th St. The eastern border shared with Haller Lake is Aurora Ave N / Route 99.

Bitter Lake History

Named for its’ most notable feature, Bitter Lake, until the late 19th century it was mostly Native American inhabited forest. Development of the area picked up when the Seattle-to-Everett Interurban Streetcar construction reached the lake in 1906. Shortly after a sawmill opened in 1913 which proceeded to clear cut most of the trees in the area.

Things To Do in Bitter Lake

Whether within the neighborhood boundaries or hopping a quick bus ride to a Ballard or Fremont, you’re always close to a good way to a good time.

Within Bitter Lake the main attraction is the playfield to the southeast of the lake. It features lighted tennis courts, ball fields and bleachers, a whirl and play structure, and a wading pool. It is just next to the Bitter Lake Community Center, and includes a section of the lake’s shoreline.

It is far enough north that you can avoid much of the heavy traffic coming out of downtown, but still enjoy the different bars and restaurants throughout all of North Seattle. This includes the Old 5th Avenue Tavern in Mapleleaf, The Growler Guys in Wedgewood, Gainsbourg in Greenwood, and both Latona and the Little Red Hen in Roosevelt.

Bitter Lake Ranked

While Bitter Lake doesn’t have a strip as impressive as Ballard, the cost of living is reduced considerably while still keeping the same watering holes well within reach. The median home price in Bitter Lake is only $364,800 compared to Seattle’s $484,600, and the average rent is roughly 20% lower.

Bitter Lake keeps you in range of anything and everything you could want out of Seattle, without the hassle of insane traffic. To boot, it even includes a considerably lower cost of living leaving a bit more cash in your pocket.

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