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Seattle Neighborhood Spotlight: Beacon Hill

Seattle’s Beacon Hill is one of the area’s hidden gems and a hot spot for realty, especially for first-time buyers. Beacon Hill enjoys a kind of natural seclusion from other neighborhoods because of its location in Southwest Seattle. This might be considered a drawback for some. However, the residents have created a tight-knit community thanks to not only its hilltop location, but also being just east of I-5 and south of 5-20.

Public Transit and Downtown Access of Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is also a popular home choice because of its proximity to Downtown. The area offers home prices that are comparable with Northern and Southern Seattle suburbs. One difference? Beacon Hill doesn’t necessitate a commute along I-5, which is usually a traffic nightmare during rush hour. The neighborhood has also become very accessible in recent years by public transit. Its light rail station also boasts some of the most beautiful station art in Seattle.

History of Beacon Hill

Most of the homes on Beacon Hill were built in the early 1900s, without a great deal of development in the area since. This means that the streets are full of prime examples of Craftsman Bungalows and Seattle Box houses with spacious floor plans and yards. It’s also one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Seattle, with real estate prices within the reach of lower income families and first-time homeowners.

The low cost of living on Beacon Hill has also attracted a large immigrant and first-generation population which lends to the area’s incredible diversity. Finding an authentic and delicious ethnic restaurant or a speciality grocery is easy on Beacon Hill!

Beacon Hill’s Food Forest

One of the features that make Beacon Hill so special is its Food Forest. This 7-acre community permaculture project includes a berry patch, nut grove, edible arboretum, community garden, gathering plaza, and kid’s area. The Food Forest has received a great deal of national attention for setting such a good example of sustainable, community agriculture. It’s also a great point of pride for the Beacon Hill neighborhood. If you choose to live here, you’ll likely spend many hours enjoying the Food Forest (and its edibles!) yourself!

Food and Drink in Beacon Hill

This time of year is truly the best for looking around if you’re looking to make a home in Beacon Hill. Grab a beer at the new Perihelion Brewery, and dinner at the cherished wood-fire pizzeria Bar del Corso. Talk to some neighbors, stroll through the food forest, and enjoy your easy light-rail ride home!

*Featured image by Joe Mabel via Wikimedia

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