Finance Your Dream Home
With a Jumbo Loan

Looking for a mortgage that exceeds Seattle’s conforming loan limits? A jumbo home loan is for you. Seattle Mortgage Planners can answer all your questions and find the right jumbo mortgage loan and jumbo loan rate for you.

Seattle Jumbo Loan Limits

The conforming loan limit for a single-family home in the Seattle metro area increases to $776,250 in 2021. If you need a loan that exceeds this amount in order to purchase your home, you’ll have to apply for a jumbo home loan.

Seattle Jumbo Loan Requirements 2020

Because of the higher risk for lenders, jumbo loan requirements are often stricter than conforming loan requirements. Jumbo loan down payment requirements often necessitate at least 20% down, although this varies. And while a 43% debt-to-income ratio is the maximum most lenders will accept for conforming loans, the jumbo loan debt-to-income ratio maximum is often lower.

Seattle Jumbo Loan Rates

Seattle jumbo loan mortgage rates are always changing, so the best way to determine the most current jumbo rate is to schedule a consultation with us. At Seattle Mortgage Planners, we’re committed to getting you the best jumbo loan mortgage rate possible and are always ready to act fast when the jumbo rate is right.

Work With the Best Jumbo Loan Lenders and Jumbo Mortgage Broker

Seattle Mortgage Planners is Seattle’s local jumbo mortgage broker of choice. We add a personal touch to the jumbo loan application process, guiding you through everything and providing you with a single point of contact to reach out to whenever you need — including evenings and weekends.

Our strong funding infrastructure and access to over 15 of the best jumbo loan lenders add security to your financing, so you never have to worry about the stability of your jumbo mortgage loan.

Schedule a consultation with us to take the first step toward your dream home.